City Light Team

Joe Lindsey

Lead Pastor

Joe is a staff elder and City Light’s founding pastor. He serves the church as its primary preaching pastor, as well as overseeing its vision. Joe has been married to his wife Stephanie since 2013, and they have four children – Blakely, Bristol, Brightynn, and Bridger. He has served in local church ministry since 2014. Since 2005, Joe and his family have lived and grown up in Owasso. Joe is a 2016 graduate of Liberty University (B.A.), and is currently an applicant to be approved with Acts29, an organization that exists to plant churches worldwide.

Candice Phillips

City Kids Director

 Candice serves as the City kids director at City Light. She has been married to her husband Matthew since 2013 and they have one child, Benjamin. Candice and Matthew grew up in owasso and have been serving in church ministry since they were teenagers. Candice is a pediatric speech language pathologist with a passion for working with children with disabilities.